10 Hefty 2016 Games You’ll Still Be Playing in 2017

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The Division


The Division didn’t reach the same heights that Destiny, its main competitor, managed to, but there was still a lot to love. Manhattan was incredibly fun to fight through, especially with friends, but once players finished the main story and took on the first several raids, there wasn’t too much else to tackle. However, Ubisoft wasn’t about to let its newest IP flop out of the gate. New expansions and raids continued to release throughout 2016 and will continue into 2017.

The most notable release is the upcoming final expansion titled The Last Stand which will mark the end of The Division’s first year. We still don’t know what the Last Stand will entail but there are hints that the Statue of Liberty is involved in some way. Regardless, there will still be plenty to do in The Division throughout 2017

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