4 Reasons Why Ezio Is the Best Assassin’s Creed Assassin

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A Transformed Man

old ezio

Over the course of time we spend with Ezio, we see him change from a vengeful teen to a wise master of the Order. Despite finally reaching a specific target he was so intent on killing at the very beginning of his story, we see Ezio realize that simply killing someone to get revenge isn’t going to bring back those he lost.

As we watch Ezio change and develop over time, it becomes clear he is far wiser than many of the other assassins from the series. A significant reason for his climbing of the ranks of the Order. Through showing restraint and only killing when necessary to eliminate a threat, Ezio shows a kind of composure that not all assassins hold. Having fought all that time for his family, Ezio is certainly a family man, but he knows ruthless actions won’t save anyone.

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