Even Arby’s Seems to Be on the Final Fantasy XV Hype Train

Arby’s is back at it again.

The hype for Final Fantasy XV has yet to stop as even Arby’s is getting sucked into the hype of the game’s release today. Arby’s is notorious for their video game themed posts in the past, but their latest post can make Final Fantasy fans everywhere happy that the fast food chain is giving them some recognition as well. Arby’s posted a cardboard Chocobo nestled with two chicken sandwiches with the caption “wark or kweh?” to celebrate the game’s release today.

This is not the first strange piece of Final Fantasy XV marking as Target has offered a Final Fantasy themed soda to those who buy the game. If you are still on the fence on whether or not you are going to purchase the game for yourself, you can check out our review before you decide.

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