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25 New Capcom Characters That Should be in Marvel vs. Capcom 4

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25 New Capcom Characters That Should be in Marvel vs. Capcom 4

A new challenger approaches.

With the possible release of Marvel vs. Capcom 4 looming over us, we thought it was time to take a look at the roster and see which fighters from their famed series could appear. Now we fully expect staples like Dante and Megaman to show up, however Capcom has some others that more than deserve their own fighting character. When deciding this list we focused on characters that could make for interesting fighters and add something different to the game. While Capcom does own the Street Fighter and Final Fighter series, we tried to limit the amount of characters coming in from both of those.

Leon Kennedy – Resident Evil Series Marvel vs. Capcom 4

One of the main protagonists for this legendary horror series could be an interesting addition to the roster thanks to his experience with both hand to hand combat and firearms. Sure Chris Redfield is stronger but Leon has style when he fights, which makes him an infinitely more interesting character to watch. Plus, he could throw Ashley at people as a Hyper Combo and who wouldn’t want that?

Chief Mendez – Resident Evil 4

Mendez was one of the most iconic monsters in Resident Evil 4 thanks to his imposing figure and hideous final form. Moving him to a fighting game could be an interesting change since his use of the Las Plagas would allow for some aggressive attacks and unique combos.

Barry Burton – Resident Evil Series

Barry is the wise-ass of the Resident Evil series but he is also quite handy with a multitude of weapons and gadgets. Given he is more akin to Chris Redfield, he would make for an interesting replacement that could interject a lot more personality into MvC4. Also, Barry has an awesome revolver that could be used to keep foes at bay from across the screen or juggle them in the air.

Dr. Albert Wily – Mega Man Series

We are actually shocked that Dr. Wily hasn’t made it into a Marvel vs Capcom game yet as this legendary villain deserves a chance to shine. Considering he’d be fighting in one of his various mechanized creations, it could allow for some fun and dynamic combat. One interesting idea would be for Wily to actually summon his Robot Masters in to fight with him.

Bass – Mega Man Series

Bass would make quite an interesting addition to an already stacked roster thanks to his mix of distance and close ranged attacks like his somersault kick. Couple this with combos moves alongside his robotic dog Treble and you’d have a very in your face fighter.

Protoman – Mega Man Series

Unlike Bass, Protoman would make a fantastic introductory character for new players thanks to his limited base arsenal and reliance on hitting foes from afar. Sure, he could copy some moves from the Robot Masters, but this wouldn’t affect his playstyle in terms of a fighting game. It’d be all about keeping opponents away from you at all times, which is a fairly easy concept to grasp for beginners.

Juri – Street Fighter Series

This femme fatal feels like a natural selection for a MvC game  thanks to her unique style that focuses more on kicking than anything else. Juri has a very aggressive playstyle that would allow her to juggle enemies up into the air before spiking them back down. She’s also fantastic at waiting for just the right moment to strike, allowing her to output a ton of damage for those who are patient.

Balrog – Street Fighter Series

Balrog is a brute of a fighter and adding a boxer to the roster would be a nice change of pace from the extensively stylized combos that other characters pull off. His ability to dish out a ton of high damage combos and literally punch his opponent across the screen would be a treat to behold.

R. Mika – Street Fighter V

A fan favorite, this wrestler would be an excellent addition for Capcom’s side thanks to her bone breaking combinations and the use of her off-screen partner Nadeshiko. It’s not like these fights have any rules to begin with, we see no problem with Mika calling for outside help.

Mundus – DmC

Yes, we know that this is the redheaded stepchild of the Devil May Cry series, but Mundus would make for an imposing fighter. Not only is he a demon, but his mix of magic and strength would work well together in a fighting game full of superheroes, monsters, and a photographer who’s covered wars. Our runner up for this would have been the floating head of Bob Barbas, but we didn’t feel that’d work nearly as well.

Lady – Devil May Cry Series Marvel vs. Capcom 4

While she may be lesser known than Trish, Lady’s use of weaponry alone is enough to justify her entry into a fighting game. Outside of the fact that she wields a massive rocket launcher with a huge blade on one end, Lady is proficient with everything ranging from handguns to throwing grenades everywhere.

Chuck Greene – Dead Rising 2

While he’s no Frank West, Greene’s use of wacky combo weapons would be too amusing to pass up. A teddy bear that dual-wields machine guns is just one of the insane amount of items that Chuck could use in battle, which would not only make him fun to play but an interesting character to use when actually fighting human opponents.

Adam – Dead Rising

Look, we are going to be honest here and admit we just want more of an excuse to beat this terrifying clown up. He juggles chainsaws and spews fire from his mouth, do we literally need to explain any more reasons why he should be a playable character?

Snow Pirate – Lost Planet Series

For those who don’t know, Lost Planet was a game series that pitted players against the forces of a hostile alien world with only some mechs, weapons, and an awesome grappling hook. Adding a Snow Pirate might be unorthodox, but the equipment he/she could use would make for some interesting moments – especially if you could call a mech in mid-battle.

Marionette – Darkstalkers Series Marvel vs. Capcom 4

Marionette is one of those characters that never really had a chance to shine, so adding her to Marvel vs. Capcom 4 seems like a no brainer. Given she has a striking visual design alone, the lack of any real information on her combat wise would allow for an interesting and experimental moveset to be produced.

Demitri Maximoff  – Darkstalkers Series

Demitri (who is definitely not a vampire) would make for a nice addition to the cast of characters thanks to his evasive fighting style and reliance on fireball based projectiles. Plus, he can transform into a swarm of bats in order to dodge incoming strikes.

Regina – Dino Crisis 2

Regina is a heroine that made her mark by killing an almost excessive amount of dinosaurs with a whole variety of weapons. While she’s handy with a knife, anyone willing to take on a T-Rex alone more than deserves a place on this roster.

Zack/Wiki – Zack & Wiki

Another colorful, yet unknown character to add into Marvel vs Capcom 4 is Zack who is a far more capable character than he may appear. Not only does he have a flying monkey companion, but Zack has a variety weapons ranging from saws, cutlasses, boomerangs, and pistols.

Poison – Final Fight Series

Poison is an interesting fighter as her style has altered over the shift from the Final fight games to the Street Fighter series. This could make for an interesting combination as her kicked focused original combat style could mesh nicely with her ranged powers in her newer iterations. Also, she has some serious style, which is always welcomed.

Sodom – Final Fight

Sodom is a powerhouse of a boss in Final Fight thanks to his incredibly damaging moves and his obscenely strong dash attack. Moving this character to Marvel vs. Capcom 4 may seem odd, but it’d be cool to see some lesser known fighters work their way into the roster, even if it’s just DLC.

Hunter – Monster Hunter Marvel vs. Capcom 4

The Hunters in this franchise have put down some of the most imposing beasts in all of gaming thanks to their mastery of a variety of different weapons. Being able to switch styles on the fly could make for some different gameplay options outside of the standard move sets we are given.

Astaroth – Ghosts & Goblins

The final boss from the Ghosts & Goblins game, this distance fighter is able to shoot fireballs from both his face and chest. This would let him keep opponents on their toes since he wouldn;t need to crouch and telegraph his projectile areas.

Big John – Viewtiful Joe 2

He’s a talking, giant, commando T-Rex that fires rockets at you. Next.

Silvia – Viewtiful Joe Series Marvel vs. Capcom 4

While she has roughly the same abilities as Joe, having a chance to combo these two lovebirds together in a match could make for some intriguing transition attacks.

Miles Edgeworth – Pheonix Wright Series

Yes, he would have roughly the same moveset as Pheonix, but seeing these two fight each other outside of the courtroom is an amusing thought. Besides, every series should have at least one antagonist from it, so it’s only fair Miles joins the roster.

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