Titanfall 2 Was Good, But Here’s 5 Ways EA Can Do Even Better

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Lean More on Titan Combat


The Titanfall franchise excels at making you feel powerful. Whether you’re on foot or your own Titan, you feel like you can take on the world, and it’s an ebb and flow that EA and Respawn nailed down perfectly. TF2 is easily one of the smoothest games out right now. If they’re serious about making this into a franchise going forward, that’s something that needs to stay constant.

Humans need to keep having the right edges against Titans, and jumping into your own Titan to go up against another one needs to feel as fun as it always does. Little flourishes like having your pod drop on you and suck you into your machine from the bottom would be cool, and while it seems a bit too simple, a Titan versus Titan mode would probably help, at the very least for new players that need some help getting into the groove of things.

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