The 5 Biggest Symmetra Changes Coming to Overwatch, and How They’ll Affect Gameplay

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A Symmetra Overhaul

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Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan made a big announcement in a developer update today concerning everyone’s favorite light-bending architect. Some huge changes are live on the PTR, and the vast majority of them make massive adjustments to character Symmetra.

Some Overwatch players complain that Symmetra was extremely situational in that she flourished when protecting a point boxed in by a choke point, but both her ultimate and abilities weren’t a good match when it came to delivering a payload or even defending the second point in some capture maps.

Blizzard heard these complaints, and decided to rework Symmetra by adjusting nearly every aspect of her kit including her ultimate, primary weapon, turrets, and more. Here are the five big changes for Symmetra, and how they will affect how she plays in game.

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