5 Video Game Houses You Definitely Shouldn’t Trick or Treat At

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Baker Mansion (Resident Evil 7)


It may be a bit of a cheat, considering that this game isn’t going to be out for another couple of months. But based on what we know of this house, it’s safe to say that anyone who decides to trick or treat here will probably not be leaving with their candy. Or their limbs in general.

The plantation mansion in which Resident Evil 7 is set is home to the Baker family, said to be a very creepy group of people. More recently, we met three of them, none of whom appeared to be nice, probably because they’re cannibals. (And also because they straight up smell bad.) If you’re the kind of person who can turn a blind eye to cannibalism, that’s totally fine… as long as you ignore the part where they also appear to be virtually unkillable, since one of them can survive an exploding car. Plus, the game is set in Louisiana, so even if you did manage to escape all that crazy, there’s a possibility that you’d wind up getting eaten by gators. 

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