Tidus’ Voice Actor Reacts to Final Fantasy X’s Laugh Remix, Somehow Makes it Creepier


Hey, so you remember that time a guy replaced all the music in Final Fantasy X with laughter of lead character Tidus? You remember how really funny it was? Well, his voice actor James Arnold Taylor recorded a little video of his reaction to said remix and it is very…well, you just gotta see it for yourself.

According to the video description, Taylor’s been asked about how he feels about the Final Fantasy X remix for the past couple of days, so he decided to make a little video so everyone would stop asking him. It’s so bizarre from every angle. You could pause it at any moment in time, and you’d see the eyes of a man who’s given up on life. But it’s kinda really funny, particularly at the end.

Tidus’ laughing scene has been spoken about at length about how it came to be in the final product, from the direction of the scene down to just how damn awkward it was, and you can read all about it here.

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