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It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, So Play These 15 Pirate Games, Matey


It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, So Play These 15 Pirate Games, Matey


Assassin’s Creed and pirate games don’t seem like a good mix, but Black Flag went ahead and proved us wrong. By freeing itself up from the convoluted lore (mostly), it allowed for one of the best games in the series and offered up an appropriate amount of freedom that made both its lead Edward Kenway and its gameplay a ton of fun. The LEGO machine came for Pirates of the Carribbean series quickly, and it certainly was a fun experience. Covering all four films, the game does a good job of retelling them and making the somewhat darker moments of the series more funny for the younger audiences. It’s a collect-a-thon, sure, but it’s a well made one and playing with a buddy never gets old.

After being informed that the war between two Titan Lords will soon end with disastrous consequences, you’re instructed to infiltrate a pirate group that’ll help you save the world. In between all this, you’ll travel the Seven Seas, learn valuable piracy skills, and carve a name for yourself in the world. The atmosphere is what makes the game, and you’ll certainly be feeling like a pirate by the end of it. It’s fun being a pirate, and you’d imagine that same feeling extends to being the Pirate King. Tropico 2 shows that you’d be right on the money, giving your men orders while hunting for booty and running the island they all live on. Can it be stressful, most certainly. But underneath that is one of the best entries in the Tropico series, and a fantastic pirate game all around.

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