Two New Ultra Beasts Officially Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Meet UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty

Two new Ultra Beasts have been officially revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Meet UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty. Unlike the recently announced UB-01, these new Ultra Beasts are version exclusives. UB-02 Absorption will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun and UB-02 Beauty will be exclusive to Pokemon Moon.

UB-02 Absorption is powerful due to brute strength and strong muscles while UB-02 Beauty’s strength comes from agility and charm. UB-02 Beauty will infatuate any Pokemon, regardless of gender.

Much still remains unknown about the mysterious Ultra Beasts and the origin behind their names or what the Aether Foundation’s intentions were for these creatures, but the official Pokemon website states that UB-01 and UB-02 are not the only Ultra Beasts out there. We will soon uncover all the secrets that Alola region has to offer in just a couple months.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released for the 3DS Nov. 18.

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