Mystic Messenger: Party Guests Email Guide

In order to successfully invite guests to the party in Mystic Messenger, you have to email them and choose the appropriate response options. If you can get three correct answers for a party guest, that guest has a 100% chance of showing up at the party, and you’ll also be able to get a free Hourglass from them. If you get two of three responses correct, there is a small chance that they might not turn up. Getting only one or zero responses correct will cause them to not show up at the party. Listed below are the responses you need to give to each guest in order to get them to attend the party:

Allergy – Cat allergy, Beef and Seaweed Soup, I might be allergic to guests not coming to the party.

@artwomen – Monet, Louvre, Cantabile.

@badcomment –, I look forward to your next video, Report.

@banker – 100% interest rate, Swiss bank, $1.2 million.

@barista – Arabica, Drip brewing, Italian.

@bracelet – Don’t worry, Silver bracelet, Claw Machines.

@cathotel – Cat buffet, People putting on a show, Cat Limousine.

@catlovers – Head meow, Odd eye meow, Crystal litter.

@catprotect – Of course, Give them food, Social media.

@cherryfarm – Green, Poke it with a straw, Diamond.

@chef – 3 cups, You mix as if you’re cutting, 20 minutes.

@chicken – I saw it on YouTube, I mean you the owner, Cheese.

@college – Noon, Yellow and black, Candlelight.

@creamroll – Mythical Creatures, Limited edition title change ticket, Create a banner.

@culture – Borberry, Verragamo, Flower bed of pretty boys.

@detective – Vanished treasure islands, Yoosung’s LOLOL exploration, Jaehee.

@doclee – The seal is unlocked, Black, Rise of the fire dragon.

@education – Jaehee, Soda as prizes, You’re too smart.

@emotion – I wanted to help you, I want to see a movie, I hope you come to our party.

@floppydisk – Rainbow colored floppy disk model, Windows 8.1, Limited edition cassette tape.

@frank – All to the bank, Bank passbook, We split it up.

@genfanclub – Jumin’s cat, Jalapeno photobook, Zen’s underwear.

@god – Wow amazing, I am your daughter, I think you’ll walk in like a normal person.

@golf – Driver shape, Shoes that dry quickly, Leather that does not wear out.

@hacker – Lucky Kim, He’s an oldie, Grandma.

@homeless – People with warm hearts, Rice and soup, Small Issue Magazine.

@hospital – Hippocratic oath, Request exam results, Compare several hospitals.

@hyoja – Filial piety, Confucius, Healthy.

@indie – Scheam, Nameless, Game convention.

@keyboard – Ergonomics, Ctrl C, Movi.

@kim – Compete with your son, Drifting, Car from when you were young.

@lame – Call the police, Say hello, Kick in the butt.

@lolol – Dia, Of course LOL, Play LOLOL together.

@lololguide – Headset, Focus on balance, Blood dragon.

@longcat- Meowmeow, Miumiu, Nyannyan.

@marc – Bae screen wedding, Tripter Tript, Screenshot functions.

@medicine – Tiaranol, Tiaranol, Tiaranol.

@mira – Pink bandage, Coffin with lace, Pharaoh.

@model – Of course, Chance to discover a gem, Face reflected on thy eyes.

@monnami – BIC, Lighter, Classic is best.

@monogamy – Personalized framed cross-stitch, Handcuffs, Bouquet of Jasmines.

@movie – Film about the environment, Realism, Cannes.

@musical – Zen, Red Pepper Was So Hot, College student.

@naming – Luciel, Your name, Jihae.

@narcissist – Room of mirrors, Lots of selfies, Lake Na.

@netizen – Injustice going on, No story of a magical girl, It’s cool.

@niddle – Green, Long enough with eyes closed, Camel.

@nolam – Baleman, Onthestellar, Leonardo Dicappucino.

@oil – Fancy party, Of course, Bald.

@oneroomer – Freezer, Bubblewrap, Fried rice.

@pancake – Silvervine, Salmon fish sauce, fish.

@press – Netizens, Protect reporters, I cannot tell you that.

@roastery – Antigua, Whole Beans, 15 days.

@romance – Of course, Top Star, Kiss.

@rui – Extravagant and elegant, Olympus X20, Ganon camera.

@secretary – Practical, More than enough, Normal attire.

@security – Korea, It’s cool, Gold.

@smartphone – Leave it in the living room, Half charged, Popcorn brain.

@smoker – A man’s word is his bond, Girlfriend will love that, Useless if you give up now.

@solo – I’m Youngsoo, Wear a watch, Asking is not a challenge.

@star – Memories of my first kiss, I want to eat it, I have to make a wish.

@stock – Invest in stocks, Not losing money, Jaehee.

@tetris – Of course, Stick, At the party.

@toeic – Small feet, Chinese, Nimtendo.

@tom – Zoo, Stock prices going up, Your grades.

@tradition – Beat drums, Whoopee, Oh my dear sun.

@uranai – So much time, C&R Director, Moon,

@wineowner – Red wine, Ice wine, Jumin.

@writer – Art Organizations, XOXOforever, Flies off to space.

@wrongmajor – What are you interested in, You didn’t even try, Convince your parents.

Picking these options should allow you to invite all of the party guests in Mystic Messenger successfully.

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