Top 5 Easiest July 2016 Xbox One Achievements to Boost Your Gamerscore

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Activision re-released Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 near the end of July 2016. It wasn’t the best port ever, as it left out some features and struggled to impress on the newer, more powerful hardware, but it did bring along a rather easy list of achievements for Gamerscore fanatics to sink their teeth into.

The game isn’t difficult in the slightest and is quite fun when playing with friends, but you do have to play through the story twice. There are two narratives, each with their own achievements. If you want the full 1000 Gamerscore points, you have some time ahead of you. On top of that are the usual suspects: collect costumes, level up characters, complete challenges. Nothing that a superhero can’t pull off with ease, though.

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