Titanfall 2’s Beta Didn’t Quite Hit the Mark, Here’s 5 Changes It Needs

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With the Titanfall 2 Technical Test offering players the opportunity to jump in and try this highly anticipated first-person shooter. After spending a few hours jumping, stomping, blasting, and rappeling through the few maps offered to us, I have emerged with mix feelings on the gameplay. As someone who adored the original Titanfall, this follow-up felt like it was lacking in several departments and could use some adjustments.

titanfall 2

However, since the game is only a few months away, we have to be reasonable with what we would like to see changed, as a complete overhaul of the system feels highly unlikely. It’s also important to note that the developers of Titanfall 2 have already confirmed that they will be adjusting some of the multiplayer mechanics due to negative feedback from players. Hopefully, we can see some of these changes implemented into the core game before it’s released upon the world.

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