Civilization VI’s Tech Tree Is Narrated By Sean Bean, Tech Tree Probably Dies

Winter is coming, and so is Sean Bean to everyone’s favorite empire simulator.

As reported by PC Gamer, Civilization VI’s tech and all new civics tree will be upended by the dulcet tones of everyone’s favorite lord of death, character actor Sean Bean. Luckily this role will see him playing an all-knowing deified narrator who grounds you back into reality after you’ve been sucked into the time vortex that is playing a game of Civilization. Surely he can’t die, but I’ll be damned if Firaxis don’t give it a shot with a cute easter egg.

Check out the video above to hear a smattering of quotes from the same guy that gave Ned Stark his on-screen legacy. Sean Bean isn’t exactly a stranger to the video game medium though. He played a brilliant part as Emperor Martin Septim in Oblivion, who uh.. didn’t make it but he made a pretty sweet statue!

Bean will be picking up the mantle from greats like Leonard Nimoy and Morgan Sheppard, who have both previously provided the lines for Civ IV and V respectively. We can’t wait to hear more of him when Civilization VI hits shelves in October.

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