Pokemon GO Players Get Discounts at This Pizza Place, Unless You’re Team Mystic

In Pokemon GO, players have the ability to choose from three different teams to align themselves with: Teams Valor (red), Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow). There’s a big rivalry between the three teams–well, the first two, Instinct just sorta exists as the other two duke it out–and one player decided to kick that up a notch at his pizza place.

Twitter user Exxeldono, who is clearly a member of Team Valor and runs the pizza place Round Table in Washington, decided to give the red-colored team a nice sized discount on the tasty food. Mystic gets a decent one, but it’s Mystic who gets really screwed over here. Naturally, members of Instinct and Mystic didn’t entirely take their “discounts” too well, all the while, Valor members are driving over for some pizza.

The shade, though.

It’ll all be worth it when it’s in your hands…maybe. Probably.

Sorry, that’s the price you pay, man.

Some took this as a way to begin recruiting.

Meanwhile, for the winning team…

This could be us, but you Mystic.

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