Speedrunner Gives Inspirational Speech About Gamers With Disabilities at SGDQ


I only cried a little.

Games Done Quick is an event where speedrunners from the Twitch community come together to raise funds for a good cause, and it is often a stage for some amazing moments, both gaming and personal. 

One of those moments took place at this year’s Summer Games Done Quick, when Twitch Streamer Clint “HalfcoordinatedLexa was completing his Momodora run. Lexa has hemiparesis, which limits the mobility on his right side. He is known for playing games one-handed, and participated in last’s year SGDQ. 

During the event, a user named “Dad233” donated $100 with the message, “Even if I wasn’t your dad, you’d still be a hero to me.” Lexa would reveal to the audience that was actually his father, and that he was “trying not to cry right now.”

“I feel like I did pretty good, but I’m not the only disabled gamer able to do amazing things,” Lexa said. “Other people can do so much and it’s really important to take what life has given you and do your best with it. Because I’m not going to say that anyone, that people are able to do anything. That’s just empty words, but I will say that your limits are probably way further out than you expect and if you push yourself, you’ll probably be really happy and pleased with the results.”

Lexa finished his speedrun at 31 minutes and 58 seconds with hugs from his friends as the crowd gave him a standing ovation. 


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