10 Really Weird Things That Have Happened to Sonic the Hedgehog

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The Werehog Business


Sonic’s become a lot of things over the past 25 years, from hoverboard racer to rock star to an Olympic champion, but none quite as head scratching as a “werehog.” At the beginning of Unleashed, the Chaos Emeralds go grey because they’re drained of all their power, turning him into the furry thing you see above. But the word “were” means “man,” which he clearly isn’t, so “wolfhog” would be the more accurate word.

Inaccurate name aside, the Werehog also has the ability to stretch his arms super far (no idea why). It’s these moments as the furry blur where Unleashed stumbles, turning the game into a God of War style action title that just doesn’t merge well with the classic running segments. Maybe if it was its own separate title, it’d do well, but that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

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