Duncan Jones Would Be Interested in Directing a Second Warcraft Film


“I’d love to.”

The Warcraft film has hit theaters and so far it has been very successful, especially in China where it made approximately $45 million on its opening day. Given how much money the film has made, it seems likely that sequel will get the green light, and Warcraft director Duncan Jones has aid he’d be up for directing again.

Jones was asked by a fan on Twitter whether he’d be interested in directing another Warcraft film and he replied that he would indeed be up for going another round.

Warcraft has become the highest grossing video game film of all time, having earned over  $377 million worldwide. The closest runners up include the Prince of Persia film which made $336 million and the Angry Birds film which has grossed $327 million.

Interestingly, much of Warcraft’s success has come from overseas markets such as China. In the US, the film has only made $37.7 million of its total gross.

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