Top 10 Best Uncharted Moments to Get You Hyped for A Thief’s End

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The Burning Chateau (Uncharted 3)

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Every game in the Uncharted series has given us a host of memorable set piece moments, some of which have some really interesting gimmicks involved. The burning Chateau is one such example of that, presenting players with multiple threats to overcome. After navigating a tomb and a labyrinth of underground tunnels, Nathan Drake and Sully find themselves in an abandoned Chateau. Here they come face-to-face with the the villain, Talbot’s, henchmen.

The enemies set fire to the Chateau and our heroes have to fight their way out while racing the clock, as the burning building crumbles around them. Uncharted 3’s spectacular visual effects are on full display during this sequence, as players make their way through a short but nail biting sequence trying to quickly take down enemies all while dodging flaming debris.

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