Unrevealed Pokemon Discovered in Sun and Moon Trailer

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Gotta spot ’em all?

Pokemon Sun and Moon has taken over the internet recently with the reveal of the three new Pokemon starters. However, another unannounced Pokemon also appears to have been shown off very briefly in the CoroCoro trailer of the game.


The Pokemon appears on the left hand side of the screen very briefly and it doesn’t look like any Pokemon we’ve ever seen before. The internet is awash with speculation as to what the new Pokemon could be. The creature looks like a dog and it doesn’t look like an evolution of any Pokemon we do already know.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s starters were revealed last week and Rowlet, Litten and Popplio (well not so much Popplio) have taken the internet by storm. The new games will be released on the 3DS on Nov. 18th in the US and Nov. 23rd in Europe.

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