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MYinsanity Wins the Heroes of the Storm Dreamhack Tours 2016 Championship


MYinsanity Wins the Heroes of the Storm Dreamhack Tours 2016 Championship

myInsanity vs Fnatic for all the marbles!

This Friday marked the start of the Dreamhack Tours event in France, and needless to say there was, and is, a ton of great eSports action happening.

The first championship round to commence happened today, Saturday May 14th, in the Heroes of the Storm EU Summer Regionals event. The championship round saw mYinsanity face off against Fnatic in a best of 5 match to see who would take home the title of Dreamhack Tours champion, a spot in the Summer World Championships, and a first place prize of $25,000.

The theme of this match-up was map control, and the first map of the match was the fan favorite battleground, Infernal Shrines. Fnatic were able to keep the game close in terms of levels, but they were never able to catch up to mYinsanity when it came to destroying structures. After picking up a Punisher at the 22 minute mark, myInsanity picked up key kills to ensure the victory in Round one.

Round two took place on Cursed Hollow, and saw it being a pretty close match until the 18 minute mark when Fnatic picked up three kills and a curse to put myInsanity on their heels. Fnatic was able to take down mYinsanity’s bottom keep and push to the core with a very strong boss, but in a painstaking turn of events, mYinsanity was able to wipe Fnatic with only 1% left remaining on their core. After the wipe, they stomped down the map and took down Fnatic’s core before the team could respawn.

The third round was all about mYinsanity’s map control and structure lead once more. The match took place on Garden of Terror, and mYinsanity’s controlled aggression won out over the very timid play of Fnatic.

At the end of it all, mYinsanity took home the championship trophy, the $25,000 first prize, and a entry into the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer World Championships. If you missed the broadcast and would like to watch it all for yourself, you can watch the recorded broadcast on the Dreamhack Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel.

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This post was originally written by Nick Caminita.

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