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Uncharted 4: Screenshots from the Most Stunning Game of the Year

uncharted 4 screenshots

Uncharted 4: Screenshots from the Most Stunning Game of the Year

Incredible views.

Uncharted 4 is a beautiful game and possibly has the best visuals of any console game thus far. Since we first laid eyes on the impressive title, we knew that the facial animations and details are incredible, but it is the large vistas and gorgeous views are particularly amazing.

Here are 20 screenshots from throughout the game, all of which have been taken with the PlayStation 4’s Share feature. Some are taken using the game’s Photo Mode, other’s just snapped whilst playing. They wonderfully showcase the world and the beautiful locations you travel to throughout the game.

That said, take a stroll through some of our favorite Uncharted 4 screenshots. From snowy valleys to volcanic deserts, from Panamanian cliffs to sunny islands, there’s no end to the game’s breathtaking visuals. Nathan Drake is no stranger to ancient cities and sprawling fields of beauty, but the sceneries of Uncharted 4 seem to top them all.

Uncharted 4 is out now on PlayStation 4, and in our review, we called it “an unforgettable end to a legacy.” The final chapter to Naughty Dog’s beloved franchise ends on a spectacularly high note, closing out a nearly decade-long tale with perfect finesse. It no doubt will be remembered for years to come.

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