5 Treasures Uncharted Should Hunt Down Once it Inevitably Rises Again

Hunting down the next treasure for a spinoff.

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What’s dead may never die, as evident through the various remakes, such as Final Fantasy VII, Shenmue III coming back from the dead, and different movie franchises continuing long after they’ve been thought done. The Uncharted franchise has taken us to the ends of the earth, as we’ve taken on the role of Nathan Drake in breathtaking races against the clock to find some of the most hidden treasures known to man.

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Given the massive success of the Uncharted series as an IP exclusive to Sony, selling 28 million copies worldwide before A Thief’s End’s release, there’s definitely the possibility of future installments in the franchise. It also helps that Sony owns the IP, meaning that they ultimately have the last call on if Drake retires or not. Here are five treasures Drake and company should race toward next.

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