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The Star Fox Zero Puppets from E3 Are Back in a New Commercial


The Star Fox Zero Puppets from E3 Are Back in a New Commercial

Be the hero in Star Fox Zero.

Do you remember the Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Peppy Hare puppets Nintendo used to introduce Star Fox Zero during last year’s E3 presentation? You should; it was one of the best parts of their show. Well those puppets are back to promote the game once more, in a new commercial.

Fox narrates the proceedings, touting his own horn by saying he’s “the best intergalactic pilot ever to fly the stars,” as well as a “genius in the Gyrowing” and an “ace in the Arwing.” It turns out he was leaning on the transmit button the whole time, as Falco and Peppy share some laughs at Fox’s expense. It’s a cute trailer.

Star Fox Zero launches later this month exclusively on Wii U, on Apr. 22. The additional game Star Fox Guard releases at the same time, and will be included in the Day 1 edition of Zero for no extra charge. The game will support the Fox and Falco amiibo, and the gameplay is looking mighty slick. We weren’t entirely sold on it at E3 2015, but a lot can change in ten months.

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