The Division Players Really F***ing Hate Mike Right Now

The Division Mike error fuck


Damn, Mike. People hate you.

Really, passionately hate you. So much so that you have transcended from a simple The Division error code into an actual human being for people to despise. Turns out hate can turn you into a real boy, Mike. Because you are the Pinocchio of sucking.

Everyone on the internet curses your name. You’ve taken The Division’s long-awaited release away from thousands of anxious fans. I would feel less sympathy for someone trying to steal Leo’s Oscar. You did this to yourself, Mike.

Don’t try skipping town, either. It’s too late. There’s already a subreddit dedicated to how much you suck. It’s called FUCKMIKE: Mike Also Sucks.

fuck mike subreddit

Yes, watch where you step with your new, human legs.

Enjoy your newfound existence while you can, Mike. Your name will be dirt for years to come. In nine months, there will be a severe drop in babies named ‘Mike’. The world will not forget.

P.S. Romeo and Delta suck too.

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