The 10 Hardest PlayStation 3 Platinum Trophies

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The PlayStation 3 was the first console to introduce the idea of trophies as Sony’s attempt to rival Xbox’s ‘Achievement’ system. In doing so, they managed to create a system that became a passion for PlayStation gamers that hasn’t died out with the release of the PlayStation 4. A lot of players take it upon themselves to get that all-important platinum trophy.

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Almost all platinum trophies, minus a few, require players to put in a lot of time or effort in completely conquering a game before you hear that wonderful noise and it see the trophy pop in the corner of your screen, but some like to put gamers on the brink of complete meltdown. Trophy hunters will weep at the entries on this list, if only because they know these are so fiendishly difficult that they may never have them in their collection. Without further ado, let’s check ’em out.

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