Street Fighter V Is the Most Gorgeous Fighter in These 1080p Screenshots

Street Fighter V is out and it’s quite possibly the best entry in the series yet. It’s fast, fluid, and it perfectly conveys the power of each of its 16 fighters. But, above all else, the game is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that a game would go above and beyond in delivering technical greatness as well as masterful beauty.

The below screens were taken directly from Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that even though they exhibit the color, lighting, and amazing character designs that make the game such eye candy, they still don’t fully capture how great it all looks in motion.

The Street Fighter franchise has always set a standard for how good a fighting game can look, and this latest entry outdoes itself once again. The way color and light meshes while dishing out a world of hurt, the fluid nature of each character, and the spectacle of word class combatants makes for one of the prettiest experiences of the year so far.

Rising up to do battle has never looked better.

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