If Assassin’s Creed Goes to Egypt, It’s Going to Be Breathtaking

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Assassin's creed egypt

The Assassin’s Creed series began in the Holy Land, where we were introduced to the eternal struggle between the ancient orders of the Templars and Assassins as they waged covert war over the Piece of Eden, an ancient relic with the power to guide mankind and shape their destiny. As we learn by the end of Altair’s journey, there are more pieces scattered throughout the world.

Since then, we’ve stalked doomed souls through the cobbled streets of Florence, roamed the endless plains of the new world, sailed the Caribbean waters, navigated the French Revolution and dominated the streets of Industrial London. Now, rumor has it the series is heading back to the Middle East/ North Africa with 2017’s release possibly landing us in Egypt.

Let’s set the rumors and speculation aside and just daydream for a little bit about how great an Assassin’s Creed set in Egypt would be and what it would mean for the series.

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