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5 Games That Were Definitely Saved Thanks to Their Fans


5 Games That Were Definitely Saved Thanks to Their Fans

Some fans just don’t know when to call it quits, and that’s awesome.

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Video games development can be tough. You spend years of your life working on a project that may very well never see the light of day. If by some miracle it does, it then has to carry its weight against the public reception. Sometimes the game has the potential for greatness, but falls painfully short. Then in come the fans. 

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For some reason, your game brings people together through their shared love of the game. Rest assured, as long as a game has its fans, those fans will unite to fight tooth and nail to see their game released or fight to make the good game great. Sometimes fandom alone won’t do (RIP Silent Hills), but sometimes, the fandom is more than enough to save the game.

Here are five examples of just how much some dedicated fans can really do.

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