6 Destiny Features that The Division Should Take Advantage Of

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The Division has finally had quite a few details revealed after a long period of relative silence. The game will feature an online world where you and three buddies will be able to fight against the factions trying to take over the dying city. It will be up to you, a sleeper agent of The Division, to eliminate them and reestablish society. There are dark zones meant for some PvP action, and safe zones where you can hang out with other players. If some of these elements sound a bit familiar, it’s because The Division shares a few similarities with 2014’s Destiny.

the division

Both have that MMO-like feel while keeping things on a slightly simple level. Of course, they have their differences, ensuring that they each stand out in a crowd. But with everyone pointing out the similarities between the two, there are a few things that The Division should consider borrowing from its acclaimed sister-game.

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