Why Does Kojima Productions’ Team Look Like They’re Gonna Drop the Hottest Album of 2015?

So Hideo Kojima’s beard has officially broken free from the oppressive shackles of Konami and is working with Sony with his own independent studio, Kojima Productions. It has made everyone lose their shit. Well, if you Google Kojima Productions to find out more information about this team, you’ll be met with the following photo in the image search:


This may not be the same team that Kojima took with him from Konami, but God do we hope it is, because this is the most badass photo of a team of developers that has ever surfaced. If you didn’t know Hideo Kojima, if you had no idea about video games, what would you think these people do?

Are they a J-Pop band about to drop a fire mixtape?


Is this a poster for a new AMC drama?

amc kohima

Are they pulling off a heist?

kojima heist

Are they magicians?


Is he hiding robot arms?


You can tell they’re close because she rests on his shoulder. They’re the duo.


What secrets is he refusing to share?


Is this the Apple store in New York City? Where are they right now?

apple 2

While this may not be the same team Kojima has brought with him, we can already guess what they would look like by now if it is.


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