The PlayStation 4 Was the Top Selling Console in the US in November

playstation 4

PlayStation takes back its crown.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console in November 2015, beating the Wii U and its main rival, the Xbox One. Sony is no doubt pleased about this, given that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in October. This news has been announced by Sony ahead of the NPD Group’s official report.

It was reported by Sony that Black Friday saw the strongest ever sales for PlayStation. The PlayStation Store has also had a great November with Sony’s Eric Lempel stating that November was the “biggest month ever for PlayStation Store indicating a strong digital marketplace complementing healthy retail sales.”

The Xbox One may have been beaten by Sony, but it still had a very strong November. No specific numbers were released but it was said by Microsoft that November 2015 saw the best November the Xbox One has ever had.

Nintendo also experienced a good month and announced that over 1.2 million Amiibo units were sold in November, meaning that over 11 million Amiibos have been sold in the US.

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