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A Look Back at Destiny’s Ups and Downs in 2015


A Look Back at Destiny’s Ups and Downs in 2015

2015 was the proving grounds.


Destiny had a bit of a rocky start when it was first released. No, it wasn’t struggling with sales or anything like that, in fact it set new records. It’s just that the product that was delivered last September didn’t feel as grand as the promises leading up to the highly anticipated release. Bungie, the studio that brought us Halo, was at the helm of this huge new IP. An IP that promised to mix the best elements of an MMO with a huge story and top of the line gameplay. This shared world shooter was supposed to transform gaming as we knew it. But it didn’t.

Destiny had some of the best shooting on the market, but the lacking narrative, small amount of end-game content, and repetitive mission structure left fans wanting. During the end of 2014 the first major expansion, The Dark Below, was released and it brought some interesting changes to combat as well as a new raid with new mechanics, but it still suffered from the same issues. The game didn’t feel alive, and the rewards just weren’t worth the headaches.

So going into 2015 Bungie had to do something to shake things up. They always said that this game would grow with the player base, so this year was the proving grounds for that promise. 

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