7 Just Cause 3 Mods That Desperately Deserve to Be in the Game

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just cause 2 mp

Let’s get this one out of the way right out the gate. A multiplayer mod came relatively late in the life of Just Cause 2 on PC and it was tons of fun. Just when you thought that the mayhem couldn’t get any more explosive, some geniuses made it possible for dozens of players to wreck the world all at once.

Just Cause 3 provides a much denser world and more refined destruction. Tethers have new mechanics, and gear upgrades make for interesting set-ups among different players. This can make for some more awesome action as you move around Medici doing what Rico Rodriguez does best, and that’s blowing everything up. Hopefully the mod comes with a warning to the country’s existing digital citizens. If they thought having just one Rico around was bad, then they’re in for a nightmare once the entire Just Cause 3 PC community descends upon the scene. 

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