Demand for Xbox One Elite Controllers Has “Exceeded Our Planning,” Says Microsoft

xbox one

It’s out of control!

Microsoft recently released the Xbox One Elite controller and it seems it has gone down rather well with Xbox gamers. Microsoft has found that demand for the $150 controller has surpassed the company’s expectations and Xbox head Phil Spencer said on Twitter that Microsoft is currently “working to get more in stock.”

Another gamer asked if they’d be in stock in time for Christmas, but Spencer couldn’t say one way or another.

The Elite Xbox One controller was released at the end of October alongside Halo 5. The controller allows for a great deal of customization so gamers can have their perfect controller to game on. Despite being pretty expensive, the controller seems to have gone down very well. The controller is now sold out on many big retailer sites such as Amazon and even Microsoft’s own store, which says new controllers will ship on December 28.

Another way to get your hands on the Xbox Elite controller is to buy the $500 Xbox One Elite model which includes the controller and a 1 TB Xbox One.

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