Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Mods of the Week

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Creature Follower

creature follower mod

You’re absolutely right, radscorpions DO look super friendly. A deadly stinger, full-body carapace, and more than six legs pretty much guarantees you and this abomination of nature are going to be best friends. That’s why we have the Creature Follower mod, which lets you recruit a deathclaw, yao guai, gen1 synth, gen1 synth, cat, mutant hound, super mutant behemoth, raider dog, gorilla, radscorpion, or a vicious dog as a loyal companion.

The best part – your creature companion doesn’t take up your vanilla follower spot, allowing you two followers in total.


Full Dialogue Interface

fallout 4 dialogue full mod

The dialogue option previews in Fallout 4 can be minimal at best and a touch misleading at the worst. Sometimes, it just feels like this:

“Hey main character, what do you think about news?”

  1. “Support News”
  2. “Hate News”
  3. “News”
  4. “News!”

We’ll admit it’s not quite that extreme, but some players have found themselves accidentally insulting a friend, accidentally agreeing with an enemy, and for one of our staffers, accidentally giving the thumbs up to a borderline genocide. If you want more foresight than single-word prompts like “Sarcasm,” the Full Dialogue Interface mod will show the full text responses for each option.

John Cena- Fat Man Sound Replacer

In the greatest nuclear threat to the world since 2077, the Fat Man launch noise is now the John Cena theme song.

You can be the hero the world deserves, and the one it doesn’t at all want. Grab the mod here.

Unlimited Settlement Objects

Fallout 4 Best Settlements

Bethesda set a limit to how many objects you can build for your settlement. Bummer, yes, but it’s more to keep players from becoming the Icarus of crafting and flying straight into the framerate sun.

Basically, if you build more units than your hardware can handle, prepare for the world to enter permanent Matrix slow-mo, or just crash altogether. But that won’t stop us.

Whether you need just one more table or a Mount Everest made of door mats, the Unlimited Settlement Objects mod eradicates Bethesda’s build cap completely.


Settlement Supplies Expanded

Fallout 4 more settlement items mod

To help you fill your new infinite object quota, Settlement Supplies Expanded adds all kinds of new build options to crafting. You can make bunk beds, throw trees everywhere, add platforms, and craft over 300 new items for your settlements.

Frequently requested pieces are currently in the works, as well as more realistic required materials. Right now, everything is inexplicably crafted from cloth.

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