Just Cause 3: 8 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Maximum Destruction

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just cause 3

A little relaxation before things get crazy in Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 3 is one seriously insane game. Set in the island country of Medici, homeland of our protagonist Rico Rodriguez, players will have the ability to cause destruction in pretty much whatever way they want as they try to overthrow yet another dictator. Filled to the brim with mayhem and explosions, there are a lot of things that players will need to get the hang of before they can become the one-person army that they need to be.

Building on the foundation of the previous games Just Cause 3 is bigger, crazier, and a lot more dangerous. In order to get you ready for this deceptively beautiful world we’ve put together some handy tips that will have you parachuting, driving, diving, and flying (yes, flying) in absolutely no time. So sit back and relax as you prepare for what is sure to be nothing less than video game insanity. 

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