Starfield Raised Enlightened vs Raised Universal: Which Should You Choose? Answered

Atheism or nah?

There are three main religions in Starfield to choose from, though we can probably safely rule out House Va’ruun as an option, considering it doesn’t really give you any tangible benefits as compared to the other two. If you’re struggling picking between the Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal traits in Starfield, we’re here to help you make a decision.

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Benefits of Picking Enlightened in Starfield

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The Enlightened religion in Starfield centers around humanism and scientific progress. Rather than believing in god, Enlightened members aim to spread their beliefs through community outreach projects. Their headquarters can be found in The Well in Jemison, New Atlantis.

While The Well is generally considered to be the slums of Jemison, you can still access an exclusive chest with the following items by picking Raised Enlightened:

  • Med Pack x5
  • Penicillin x2
  • Water Drink Pack
  • Settler Poncho
  • Charity in a Godless Universe, Part I
  • Charity in a Godless Universe, Part II
  • Charity in a Godless Universe, Part III
  • Charity in a Godless Universe, Part IV

Benefits of Picking Sanctum Universum in Starfield

starfield raised universal
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On the flipside, the Sanctum Universum religion is more akin to Christianity or Catholicism. They subscribe to the traditional beliefs in God, and their headquarters are located in the MAST District. Similar to The Enlightened, you’ll also get access to an exclusive chest with the following items:

  • Med Pack x5
  • Addichrone x2
  • Festive Neocity Poncho
  • Boom Pop! Orange
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol I
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol II
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol III

Should You Pick Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal?

It’s important to note that picking one or the other will lock you out of accessing the chest from the opposing religion. That said, the items included in either chest aren’t really that impactful as they’re mostly just aid items that can help you out during tight spots in combat. They’re easily obtainable just from looting and purchasing from other vendors.

Choosing either Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal will ultimately come down to your personal preferences: do you want to play as an atheist, or as a more religious character?

If you really had to twist my arm for an answer, though, I’d be more inclined to pick Raised Universal. The characters you meet in Sanctum Universum, especially Keeper Aquilus, are more intertwined with the main storyline and you may get more out of Starfield’s narrative that way. Ultimately, though, your decision won’t impact the story in any crazy way.

That’s all you need to know about the choice between Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal in Starfield. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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