how to get ship parts in starfield
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How to Get Ship Parts in Starfield

We've taken too many hits, captain. Evasive maneuvers!

Given the existence of space combat in Starfield, your ship is guaranteed to take some damage. That’s where Ship Parts come in handy, which serve the same function as a Med Pack, but for your starship. Even if you aren’t much of a space ace, you’ll need to know how to get Ship Parts in Starfield just in case. Your life depends on it!

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What makes finding Ship Parts in Starfield such a pain is the lack of intuitive discovery. I dropped by several stores that I thought would have them, only to discover it wasn’t the case.

Where to Get Ship Parts in Starfield

Instead, general stores are the most likely place to obtain Ship Parts. By far the easiest location, one you’ll pass frequently, is Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

buying ship parts in starfield at jemison mercantile
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Since you’re always coming back to the Lodge during the main story, it’s good to make a habit of stopping there. In fact, as soon as you land, make a left after passing the security checkpoint and you’ll see Jemison Mercantile straight ahead. You can’t miss it!

If you’re, say, out in the furthest reaches of space, with no general store in sight, you can also find Ship Parts from looting starships you destroyed. After you’ve decimated an enemy ship, ride up real close to their dropped cargo and loot it. You have a good chance of coming across Ship Parts.

looting ship parts in starfield
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Of course, if you’d prefer to help starship pilots rather than murder them, you can also receive Ship Parts as a reward for answering their distress signals. After the dust settles, open your scanner, highlight the ship, and choose ‘Hail.’ When they offer an award, ask for extra repair parts.

That’s every way you can get Ship Parts in Starfield, folks. You can buy it, loot it from destroyed ships, and receive them as quest rewards. Just be sure to have the space for it in your ship inventory given their hefty mass.

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