Top 10 Best Character Creations in Starfield

These character creations are out of this world!

Top Best Character Creations in Starfield
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Creating your very own character is always a welcome opportunity to put your own unique stamp on your epic adventure, and Bethesda Games Studios’ character creation systems are arguably some of the best in the industry. As always, the community relishes the chance to design some truly bonkers creations, but some are actually surprisingly impressive. So today, we’re going to celebrate our top 10 of the best character creations we’ve found so far in Starfield. Let’s get going, folks.

10. Boba Fett

Best Character Creations in Starfield, Boba Fett
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

While 2021’s The Book of Boba Fett miniseries received a pretty lukewarm reception from critics and fans alike, no one in their right mind would question Temuera Morrison’s terrific performance at the heart of the show. Really, he was one of the best things about the sci-fi prequel thanks to his likable charm and grounded portrayal.

Luckily, with Reddit user Ok_butterscotch9140‘s first ever creation out in the wild, you can rest easy knowing that the OG bounty hunter is busy keeping the entirety of the Settled Systems safe from criminal tyranny and unrighteous scum. Not only have they captured the look of Boba, but we also dig the scar above his left eye, which is a nice wee touch. Now all he need’s a bantha…

9. Walter White

best character creations in Starfield, Walter White
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad series was a cultural phenomenon and a high water mark for TV drama in general, and the star at the center of it all was Walter White, aka Heisenberg. A high school chemistry teacher-turned-drug lord, it’s fair to say that our empathy for poor ol’ Walter Blanco began to evaporate as the seasons unfolded, but we guess that’s kind of the point of the show, eh?

Despite a solid recreation of the wannabe Scarface by Reddit user EyeofDeath69, we just wish that his quintessential pork pie hat was included in the mix. Other than that though, this is a decent design of one of the most beloved notorious characters in modern TV history. Say my name, Sarah Morgan!

8. Shrek

Best Character Creations in Starfield, Shrek
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

DreamWorks Animations’ loveable ogre is another cultural phenomenon that has managed to smash through to the mainstream zeitgeist. Voiced by Austin Powers star Mike Myers and created by cartoonist and author William Steig, the grumpy pea green monster has found his way into Bethesda’s epic space opera courtesy of Reddit user Bimbocsavar.

Of course, his overall aesthetic is pretty spot on, replete with an oversized nose and sticky out ears, though his mouth seems a little off. I’m guessing his lips can’t be colored in green, which is a tad disappointing. Nevertheless, we’re still impressed with this Shrek character design in Starfield.

7. Todd Howard

Best Character Creations in Starfield, Todd Howard
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Time for a wee heart-to-heart. Listen, I’ve got a slight problem. You see, I’ve got a galaxy-sized soft spot for Bethesda’s very own executive producer and development pocket rocket, Todd Howard. There, I said it. Oddly enough, that’s taken a weight off my mind. You know, I’m not obsessed or anything… Well, I don’t think so anyway.

Thing is, not only does he ooze charm in spades, but he’s also spearheaded development on some of my favorite games like Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And this character creation of Starfield‘s director, which was whipped up by CheesyWhales, captures his arresting charisma nicely. I mean, just look at those bangs! *Swoons*

6. Ellen Ripley

Best character creations in Starfield, Ellen Ripley
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

If you had to name an iconic heroine from modern sci-fi cinema, you’d have to say Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise, right? Seriously, anyone else would simply be the wrong answer. I mean, who else even comes close to being as courageously strong a badass as Sigourney Weaver’s Xenomorph-stomping classic portrayal?

Well, Reddit user Cute_Fluffy_Sheep has gone above and beyond with this painstaking homage to everybody’s favorite interstellar warrant officer. Certainly, with so many sci-fi references hidden in Starfield, it feels perfect exploring the far reaches of space with a bonafide legend who incidentally holds a certificate in squishing extraterrestrial lifeforms as her main job. Handy!

5. Tony Soprano

Best character creations in Starfield, Tony Soprano
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

HBO’s The Sopranos is top-tier TV, and Tony Soprano is beyond legendary when it comes to spearheading one of the most powerful criminal organisations in New Jersey. But New Jersey’s not his only stomping ground these days apparently, as he’s now found his way into the vast vacuum of space.

Indeed, this meticulous Starfield character creation courtesy of AshDaddy10 is dead-on, not only visually, but also because of some of the traits he’s rocking: Hero Worshipped, Wanted, and Kid Stuff. Seriously, these characteristics capture the personality of this cold-hearted killer-come-family man so well. Thumbs up from us!

4. Willem Dafoe

Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Willem Dafoe is one of those actors who absolutely steals the limelight as soon as his wide-eyed Cheshire cat grin lights up your screen. Elsewhere, he can chew the scenery like the best of ’em and boasts the acting chops to play diverse roles in films as varied as 1986 war flick Platoon, the beloved Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man trilogy, and even Robert Eggers’ Lovecraftian fairy tale, The Lighthouse.

Luckily, fans of the The Last Temptation of Christ star can now assume control of him in Starfield by way of strider390‘s fastidious recreation. Not only is his square jawline on point, but his slightly wavy hair and bushy eyebrows have been recreated with aplomb to boot.

3.) Ziggy Stardust

Starfield, Ziggy Stardust
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Eschewing the ranks of legendary actors, developer heroes, and animated ogres, we have David Bowie’s alter ego and stage persona, Ziggy Stardust. But why on earth would someone want to make a Starfield character based around a singer’s fictional character? Well, in short: Ziggy Stardust’s background is that he’s basically an alien from Mars. Now it makes sense, right?

Yes, AdhesivenessNo3728 has captured the much-adored rock ‘n roller perfectly. From his colorful makeup to his shock of flaming hot red hair, the resemblance is nigh on uncanny. If you ever wanted a Starman in Starfield, here you go. You’re welcome!

2. Sylvester Stallone

Best character creations in Starfield, Sylvester Stallone
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Amazingly, The_Fassbender has managed to concoct a Starfield character creation for Rocky and Rambo superstar, Sylvester Stallone. And even more amazingly, they’ve managed to make him look really good!

His signature chiseled jawline has been captured nicely, and his distinctive nose looks like it’s been on the wrong end of a knockout punch more times than I’ve had cooked dinners, which is beautifully authentic. Indeed, you can now officially roleplay as Judge Dredd in space. That’s got to be on a bucket list for somebody out there!

1. Mike Ehrmantraut

Starfield, Mike Ehrmantraut
Image Source: Reddit via Twinfinite

Walter White may’ve been the real villain at the center of Breaking Bad, but Mike Ehrmantraut was undoubtedly the stoic, calculated, ego-less henchman with a heart. With Eroynss‘ excellent Starfield character creation, you can rest easy knowing that the United Colonies is under the watchful eye of one of TV’s most kickass bodyguards.

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this recreation as it looks so impressively true to life. Goatee beard? Check. Weathered, wrinkled mug? Double check. Dead-inside thousand-yard stare? Bingo. Sans the spacesuit, this could almost be a photo of the real Mike Ehrmantraut. Like, seriously.

But what say you, folks? Were you impressed with these Starfield character creations? Or did they land like a damp squib for you? Engage your grav drives and let us know in the usual place below!

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