Tower of Fantasy Celebrates Six-Month Anniversary With New Amidst Miasma Expansion

Get involved in the half-anniversary celebrations!

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Free-to-play shared-world ARPG Tower of Fantasy will be celebrating its “Half Anniversary” this month with special in-game events and a brand new update. Launched last week, Version 2.3 “Amidst Miasma” has added the brand new “Miasmic Swamp” region, as well as a ton of new bosses, co-op instances, and a seasonal multiplayer mode.

Starting on February 9, 2023, players can share their appreciation for Tower of Fantasy by participating in time-limited in-game events. After logging in, players can vote on their favorite simulacrums from a list of eight for a chance of receiving brand-new skins. That’s not all! The “Miasmic Swamp” region will send players northwest of Vera to a land that features detailed vegetation which can shift dynamically based on the difficulty of certain quests.

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The biggest addition in version 2.3 is the Miasmic Swamp region. This swamp links back to Tower of Fantasy’s lore by being the site of the original relocation of Aida. Humanity’s first Ecological Research Station was built in the area, but an attack by the Grayspace Entities caused toxic waste to leak into the environment. After many decades of decay, the Miasmic Swamp has become an untamed wilderness with barely a trace of human existence remaining.

Alongside celebrations for the half-anniversary, players are invited to complete a special friend recruitment mission – eligible for both new and lapsed players – that will reward them with dark crystals, red nuclei, and more. If enough players on a single server complete this assignment, the entire server will receive the rewards, meaning you’ll want to get your friends in on the action.

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Speaking of simulacrums, new ones will be available in Tower of Fantasy 2.3. These include Alyss, a blade-wielding Special Forces Agent, and Umi, a newly appointed Mirroria executor. Alyss is a Frost alignment attacker and can transform into a fairy for infiltration. Her backstory revolves around various dreams that constantly haunt her and where they come from.

Umi is a Physical type attacker and uses a long whip to dispatch foes. Umi is more of a bubbly type of character, ready to help anyone and everyone with kindness. She holds secrets to the Grayspace Entities that players will uncover during their travels together.

Update 2.4 will also be adding Fenrir as a simulacrum. In addition, Tower of Fantasy will start to reintroduce previous simulacrum such as Lin into the game for a limited time, expanding the current roster with more options. Details about this companion and any returning companions will be announced in the near future.

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For those unaware, Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play PC and mobile ARPG developed by Hotta Studio. Having originally launched in China in December 2021, the game became available to western players last August and has accrued a large userbase. Set in the far future where humanity has settled on a distant planet, users will explore alien regions and battle various monsters as they power their characters up and do battle against the devious group known as the Heirs of Aida.

Tower of Fantasy offers crossplay support, allowing players on any device to play with each other. If you’re at your friends house, you can pop out your phone and join them on PC to quest. You can mix and match different mobile devices, too, as both iPhone and Android platforms feature crossplay. Tower of Fantasy is flexible in allowing you to team up no matter where you are.

There’s never been a better time than now to jump into Tower of Fantasy. Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play store, and Steam for PC, you can join for free and start exploring an exciting new world today.

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