Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum

How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum in Persona 5

There are 49 trophies to earn in Person 5 on the PS4 and PS3, and they’ll send you all over Japan as you gather power for the Phantom Thieves and uncover what’s truly happening to everyone. Some can be quite tricky, but don’t worry, we got your back when it comes to getting everything done.

Legendary Phantom Thief (Platinum) – Just get all of the other trophies in the game and this one will pop up.

Phantom Thieves Formed (Bronze) – Story related and can’t be missed. You’ll have to name your group after being completely done with the first Palace, then this trophy will pop.

Merciless Executioner (Bronze) – Perform 50 Persona Fusions (Guillotine Executions).

Execution Leading to Rebirth (Bronze) – Use the Guillotine Execution (Persona fusion) once. You’ll have to do one outside of the tutorial for it though.

Passionate Listener (Silver) – Obtainable easily. To make it faster just do things incorrectly so she’ll talk more to you.

The Ultimate Strike (Bronze) – You’ll have to do 999 damage in one attack, which is actually not that difficult. You may have to wait later in the game, but use an ability to up your attack. Works best when exploiting a weakness.

Perfect Combination (Bronze) – Perform 50 All-Out Attacks. All Out attacks can be done after knocking down all enemies. Just exploit all their weaknesses, then press Triangle during a Hold Up.

Precise Insight (Bronze) – Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times. This is very easy and should happen as you play. When you learn a specific enemy’s weakness, you’ll know it forever. Tapping R1 will automatically switch your attack to a weakness you know. If not, just use different attacks until you learn a weakness.

A Phantom Thief’s Duty (Bronze) – You’ll have to negotiate with a Treasure Demon to get them to join you. They don’t have many weaknesses

My Best Partner (Bronze) – Enter a special relationship (romance) with someone.

Soul of Rebellion (Bronze) – Story related, pops when you get your first Persona (Arsene).

Mask Collector (Silver) – Complete the Persona Compendium (requires having each Persona at least once).

Mask of an Honor Student (Bronze) – You’ll have to place first on an exam which requires a high Knowledge Rank (Erudite, which is Rank 5) meaning you most likely won’t be able to reach this on your first playthrough. If you do max out Knowledge prior to the final exam of the year (which starts 12/18) then it’s possible to get it first time around. You’l also need to get all the right answers on the exam which we have for you here.

A True Confidant (Bronze) – Max out any one Confidant, the automatic ones count, so you should get this with Igor or Morgana.

Great Phantom Thieves Convene (Gold) – Max out all confidants

Power That Connects (Bronze) – Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn. Easiest against enemies weak to gun, but can work against any group of enemies as long as you have their weaknesses. Drop them, then continue Baton Pass until everyone has had it at least once (do note you must unlock this skill for each individual party member by leveling up their Confidants).

I Am Though (Bronze) – Obtain a Persona through negotiation. You’ll get this through the story.

Countless Masks (Bronze) – Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation. You can’t get one currently in your possession, but you can negotiate with a Persona you’ve had in the past as long as it’s not in your inventory. Just do this 30 times.

The Sneaking One (Bronze) – Simply ambush an enemy 50 times. This should come naturally. To ambush an enemy, just attack while they can’t see you.

A Unique Rebel (Silver)  – Defeat the Reaper.

Drink Fanatic (Bronze) – Purchase all of the drinks available in vending machines. Here’s a handy checklist to help you out:

  • 1UP
  • Arginade
  • Chunky Potage
  • Creature
  • Dr. Salt NEO
  • Durian-au-lait
  • Earl Green
  • Joylent
  • Mad Bull
  • Manta
  • Mayo Lucust
  • Miso Starfish
  • Muscle Drink
  • Muscle TEa
  • Mystery Stew
  • Nastea
  • Odd Morsel
  • Oh! Shiruko
  • Rancid Gravy
  • Second Maid
  • Starvicks
  • Strawberry Curry
  • Udagawa Soda
  • Udagawa Water
  • Ultimate Amazake
  • Water of Rebirth

True Talent (Bronze) – Maxing out all of the Social Stats will unlock this trophy. We have a guide of ways to level them up to help you out.

Nominating the Twins (Bronze) – You’ll have to unlock the first Strength Confidant skill and use it, which can be done on or after 5/18

Atop Countless Sacrifices (Bronze) – You’ll need to perform a Gallows Execution which becomes available after 6/5 in the game. It lets you sacrifice one Persona to make another stronger and can only be done once per day, which is fine because this trophy will pop the first time you do it.

A Sublime Experiment (Bronze) – This one requires an Electric Chair execution which becomes available in the Velvet Room after 8/21.

Through One’s Sentence (Bronze) – This requires a Persona learning a new skill through Lockdown, which requires your Strength Confidant to be Rank 3. You’ll have to leave a Persona in Lockdown for 3 days and when you get a message saying it’s grown stronger which is when it will learn a passive skill.

Competent Negotiator (Bronze) – This is very easy, especially when connected to the internet. To rescue a hostage, you can negotiate or use the Thieve’s Guild to instantly save them. Either way it will pop. One of the earliest places to get it is during the first Palace when you’re taught this mechanic.

Skilled Gunman (Bronze) – You’ll need to kill three or more enemies with your gun. If they all drop to weak you can’t do this so you’ll need to be able to one shot them, so just wait until later in the game then explore one of the top Mementos floors.

Beginner Phantom Thieves (Bronze) – Simply complete any five requests that you get from Mishima or other NPCs. This is really easy and you should get it less than halfway through the game.

A Perfect Job (Silver) – Complete all Requests.

My Backyard (Bronze) – Unlock all hangout spots. Many are story related but the easy way to do this is to go on all confidant hangouts and read all books. The spots are:

  • Akasaka Mitsuke: Story
  • Akihabara: Unlocked through Tower Confidant.
  • Aoyama-Itchome: Story
  • Asakusa: Read Shitamachi Reborn
  • China Town: Read Chinese Sweets
  • Ginza: Story
  • Harajuku: Read Vague
  • Ichigaya: Read Fishpond Spotter
  • Ikebukuro: Read Museum of Stars
  • Inokashira Park: Read Weekend Parks
  • Jinbocho: Read Musty Pages
  • Kanda: Unlocked through Star Confidant
  • Maihama: Read Theme Park Escort
  • Meji Shrine: Read Tokyo Shrines
  • Miura Beach: Story
  • Nagatacho: Story
  • Ogikubo: Unlocked through Chariot Confidant
  • Roppongi: Story
  • Seaside Park: Read Nighlife Hotspots
  • Shibuya: Story
  • Shinjuku: Story
  • Suidobashi: Story
  • Tsukishima: Unlocked through Chariot Confidant
  • Ueno: Unlocked through Emperor Confidant
  • Yongen-Jaya: Story

Guardian of the Pond (Bronze) – Fishing must first be unlocked, which is done after unlocking Ichigaya. Then you’ll need to read a book titled Essence of Fishing (you can buy it in Shinjuku after you fish for the first time). This makes it possible to spot the fish using your Third Eye ability. Now you’ll need to purchased Top-Class Boile for 400 Pts (so get to fishing). Now to catch the fish they appear more when its raining but still appear relatively frequently in all weather, just look out for a gold fish with your Third Eye. Lure it as close as possible by dropping bait, having it move towards it then pulling your bait back before its bitten. This will lower the amount of time and button presses needed to catch the Guardian of the Pond. Once close enough, let it bite and catch it.

Aggressive Searcher (Bronze) – Obtain 150 items within Palaces. This is easy. Just steal everything yellow when you use Third Eye. It will take some time, but you should get this relatively naturally as long as you don’t ignore your surroundings.

Under-the Table Goods (Bronze) – Getting the Hanged Man Confidant will let you customize guns. You’ll need Guts Rank 4 to start this bond so you’ll have to progress a bit through the story.

Craftworker (Bronze) – You’ll have to craft one of each Infiltration Tool.  Once you unlock the Ace Tools ability from Morgana. Do note that you must craft it. You can’t use your Temperance Confidant to do it.

Bookworm (Bronze) – You’ll need to read all books in the game and there are a lot. Some can be purchased, others are earned from requests. Here’s a list of what books you can find where:

  • Leblanc Attic: Yoncha Wanderer
  • Shujin Academy Library: The Great Thief, Pirate Legend, Zorro the Outlaw, The Alluring Dancer, The Gallant Rogue, The Illusory Popess, Cry of Cthulu, Woman in the Dark
  • Shibuya: Tidying the Heart, Buchiko’s Story, Playing the Game, Medjed Menace, Weekend Parks, Vague, Wise Men’s Words, Nightlife Hotsposts, Ghost Encounters, Fishpond Spotter, Tokyo Shrines, Museum of Stars, Musty Pages
  • Shinjuku: Flowerpedia, Batting Science, Essence of Fishing, Cinema Treasures, Game Secrets
  • Jinbocho: Master Swordsman, Call Me Chief, Reckless Casanova, Speed Reading
  • Complete Who’s Muscling in Yongen – Jaya: Shitamachi Reborn
  • Complete We Aren’t Just Your Slaves: Theme Park Escort
  • Complete Part-time Job, Full-time Hell: Chinese Sweets

Golden Finger (Bronze) – You’ll have to get a video game console first, but then you just need to play all the video games you can purchase. Here’s the games you need to obtain and complete and where to find them:

  • Yongen-Jaya: Star Forneus, Gambla Goemon
  • Akihabara: Punch Ouch, Train of Life, Power Intuition, Golfer Sarutahiko

Do note that playing games with others when they invite you to hangout doesn’t count towards this trophy.

The City’s Hard Hitter (Bronze) – You’ll need to hit a home run at the batting cages. It’s much easier said than done, and may require a bit of saving and reloading your game. You’ll want to just work on your timing and swing to hit the lower half of the ball. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll get it.

Hidden Trophies

There are 11 hidden trophies as well as the above. They are mostly related to story.

Castle of Lust (Bronze) – Story related, complete Suguru Kamoshida’s palace.

Museum of Vanity Closes (Bronze) – Story related, complete Ichiryusai Madarame’s palace.

Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt (Bronze) – Story related, complete Junya Kaneshiro’s palace.

Pyramid of Wrath Collapses (Bronze) – Story related, complete Futaba Sakura’s palace.

Spaceport of Greed Destroyed (Bronze) – Story related, complete Kunikazu Okumura’s palace.

Casino of Jealousy Shut Down (Bronze) – Story related, complete Sae Niijima’s palace.

Cruiser of Pride Sinks (Bronze) – Story related, complete Masayoshi Shido’s palace.

The True Trickster (Bronze) – Story Related, unlocked for reaching the bottom and completing Mementos.

A New Journey (Gold) – Get any of the endings.

Beyond Rehabilitation (Gold) – Defeat the Twins. This is a secret boss fight you can only attempt on New Game+. It’s available once you gain access to Mementos. Talk to Caroline outside of the Velvet Room to trigger the fight. They are very strong and have no weakness, but they have no resistances either. They have 8,000 HP and use a lot of elemental attacks. You have to keep the damage up or else they’ll autokill you if you’re not doing enough. Also, if they manage to knock you all down, they’ll perform an All Out attack to instantly kill you. We recommend using skills that nullify elemental damage.

One Who Rebels Against a God (Silver) – First, you’ll need to actually beat the game and start New Game+ and also have unlocked Group Guillotine since you’ll need to mix six Personas. In fact, max out the Strength Confidant if you can. The trophy revolves around creating Satanael who’s a level 95 Persona. Maxing out Strength will let you fuse one that’s higher than your level, but it will be very expensive. The combination you need is:

Arsene + Hiero + Anzu + Ishtar + Satan + Lucifer + Michael

Fuse those and you’re all set.

For more on Persona 5, be sure to check out our wiki.

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