Far Cry Primal: How to Get the Bloodfang Sabretooth

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At the very beginning of Far Cry Primal, you and your tribesmen will be attacked by a vicious tiger. It’s one that isn’t as susceptible to fear or damage as the others you’ll face in the game, and it leaves its mark in the memories of your people. Far Cry Primal actually allows you tame this very beast, the Bloodfang Sabretooth, provided that you have the guts to do so.

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In order to obtain the mission to hunt down and tame the Bloodfang Saretooth, you will have to first recruit the huntress Jayma to your village. After upgrading her hut to rank two and completing a few missions for her, you will gain access to the Beast Master Hunts. These hunts are four missions that require skill and powerful weapons to complete. To the southwest of the map is where you can trigger the Bloodfang Sabretooth’s hunt.

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Once here, you’ll have to follow a few markers on your map and investigate clues. These will lead you to a camp where you can start the actual fight. There is a challenging outpost in the area, but you can ignore it if you’d like, since none of the clues are located within it.

After finding the camp you will come across traps that you can set for the Bloodfang Sabretooth. These traps will cause a very small amount of damage, but will help to slow the beast down, something you’ll need later on. Set a few of these (they require three Hardwood a piece) then head to the indicated camp and sleep until nightfall. When you wake, the fight will begin.

You can use your basic bow, it’s the fastest weapon in your arsenal, even if it doesn’t do the most damage. It’s recommended that you bring a pet as well. The regular Sabretooth Tiger is useful for its speed. The Cave Bear is stronger but will have trouble keeping up. Set your pet on the beast as soon as it comes near the camp, making sure to be ready to call it back at a moment’s notice.

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With the tiger distracted, just continue to sink arrows into its flesh in order to bring its health down. It will move around, but you can easily keep nearby so you can land your attacks. Once it is at about a quarter health it will start to flee towards its den. You will have to give chase as it will avoid all combat.

The den is easy to locate on the map, but you must actually chase the tiger there. If it gets too far you’ll have to wait until the next night to continue the hunt. Don’t worry though, the Bloodfang Sabretooth will only heal up a small portion of its health, so you won’t have the same huge fight on your hands.

This is where the Bloodfang Sabretooth's den is.
This is where the Bloodfang Sabretooth’s den is.

Once in the den, you’ll only have to do a little bit more damage to win the fight. At that point, it will lay on the ground and you’ll have a few seconds to tame it before it regains its strength. There are no enemies in the area at all, so taming it is no problem whatsoever. Enjoy your brand new, immensely powerful pet.

Note that if you happen to die during the hunt you’ll respawn at the camp. Any damage done to the beast will remain, so you can make as many attempts as you need.

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