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10 Underwhelming Pokemon That We Totally Forgot Existed

Catching 'em all can be pretty hard when you can't even remember 'em all!

With over a thousand Pokemon in existence, some species will naturally be more memorable or favorable than others. Unfortunately for some unlucky ‘Mons, they’ve failed to be memorable at all, with most fans frequently forgetting that they ever existed. To refresh your memory, we’ve caught 10 of these poor unfortunate souls!

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Klefki in the Pokemon anime
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Ah, yes, a literal set of keys.

Seriously, while most objects ‘Mons are fairly forgettable and overlooked, poor Klefki really struggles in almost every department. It has no evolutions to look forward to, and its design is fairly boring because, well, it’s just a keyring.

Klefki’s competitive potential is also fairly hit or miss. To get some use from this Steel Type ‘Mon, you’d need the Prankster ability and some solid IVs — which did make it a decent choice for a support Pokemon a few years ago.

Unfortunately, as more specimens have been released, Klefki has kind of fallen off and become left in the dust.


Heatmor in the Pokemon anime
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Not only is this poor fella one of the ugliest mons in existence, but Heatmor also takes the title as one of the most easily forgettable Pokemon.

I stumble across this monstrosity every few months, and each time I’m just as shook that it was ever included in the franchise, going “Oh yeah! The disturbing-looking guy from Gen 5.” Maybe the problem isn’t that Heatmor is forgettable, but more so the fact that nobody wants to remember it exists.

I mean, not only is it a poor choice in battle due to overwhelmingly low speed, but design-wise this creature also lacks an element of badassery or cuteness. As such, most Trainers don’t have a valid reason to spend their time looking at this horrendous beast.

Huntail & Gorebyss

Huntail and Gorebyss in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

I bet you completely forgot about the existence of these odd little fishies, because I sure did.

Honestly, it’s rather disappointing to think that the adorable little Clamperl evolves into these monstrosities. This only occurs by trade evolution when holding special items too, which makes them even more forgettable.

I wish I could say that remembering these guys is a pleasant surprise, but honestly? Yeah, no. These ‘Mons are both a hassle to obtain and have quite lackluster designs compared to other aquatic Pokemon, which makes them so easy to overlook and forget.


Carbink in the Pokemon anime
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Considering Carbink’s lore relations to the Legendary Pokemon Diancie, you’d think this rocky little creature would be much easier to remember. Unfortunately, for many, the existence of Carbink slips their mind completely.

There’s just nothing exciting about this strange little being, and compared to other Pokemon, it just hasn’t been in enough games to earn a chance to refresh the brains of Trainers around the world. Its little eyes may beg for a spot on your team, but that’s based on the assumption that you even remember it’s an option.


Duant in the Pokemon anime
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Honestly, Durant has quite a cool little design, to the point where I find myself in favor of this small Steel Bug. Unfortunately, this little guy is all too easily forgotten, and for more than one reason.

The most obvious is that Durant doesn’t evolve, which is a disappointment because there’s just so much potential for a cool evolution line. It easily could have gone head-to-head with the likes of the Wimpod or Grubbin evolution lines, jumping from a tiny and weak form into a goliath of damage-dealing potential.

Unfortunately, Durant doesn’t have that luxury, so it tends to fall off in comparison to more favorable options. On top of this, Durant is also cursed by its Typing, wielding the unique combination of Bug/Steel. This makes Durant 4x weak to Fire Types, which means the little dude just gets blitzed in battle. For this reason, the antsy little fella has been left in the dust to be crushed underfoot by unaware trainers aplenty.


Elgyem in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Elgyem is just such a strange little being.

On the surface, it does have quite an interesting design, almost resembling a little alien dude. Unfortunately, Elgyem is rather forgettable as far as unique Pokemon species go. Unlike many others on this list, this silly little friend does evolve, but its evolution, Beheeyem, just so happens to be even more forgettable.

Visually, these creatures just don’t stand out in a crowd of Pokemon and have very little going for them. In my mind, Elgyem has even become ‘the forgettable little alien ‘Mon’, which is really saying something given how radically different Alien Pokemon tend to look.


Komala in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Komala is such a cute and cuddly little creature that it’s almost hard to imagine it would be one of the most forgettable Pokemon in existence.

Unfortunately for the adorable little koala fiend, Komala was released in Generation 7 alongside the likes of Stufful, another cute little Normal Type. With Stufful getting an evolution and a lot of spotlight in the Pokemon anime, that pink little menace has somewhat stolen the show from Komala.

This left the sleepy little guy abandoned from the memories of Trainers all around the world, and it’s struggled to claw its way back into our collective consciousness ever since.


Maractus in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

I quite like this Pokemon – it’s silly, it’s fun, and it has a bright design.

Unfortunately, I am only in favor of this Pokemon on the occasion that I remember it exists, as this spikey little friend is just so easy to forget about. Maractus lacks any kind of evolution line, and has kind of done nothing but….exist in the background, ever since being released, falling into a similar fate to that of Carnivine.

However, at least Carnivine got some form of attention in the Pokemon anime as one of the Pokemon owned by James from Team Rocket. Poor Maractus, on the other hand, found no such luck, and has continued to fall further out of our memory in turn.


Drampa in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Dragon Types are known for being fierce, powerful, and badass. Unfortunately, Drampa lacks these qualities and is instead registered as the Placid Pokemon. That would be cool and all, if only its design wasn’t so easily forgettable.

Drampa also doesn’t have any pre-evolution or evolution to look forward to, meaning it’s one of those ‘Mons that just falls into limbo compared to all of the other fascinating creatures wandering around. Plus, this already overlooked specimen has only been in a handful of Pokemon games, which doesn’t help to make an impact on players.

I don’t know what it is about this old Dragon-Type, but he’s just really not all that interesting at all.


Volcanion in the Pokemon anime
Image Source: The Pokemon Company

I bet you didn’t expect to find a Legendary Pokemon on this list, though I also bet that you don’t remember much about this strange beast, anyhow!

Volcanion, unfortunately, has quite a cool concept as a Water/Fire Dual-type Pokemon, but just hasn’t seen all that much attention from the franchise since ORAS. I mean, these are literally the only games in which Volcanion is obtainable, and considering those games were released a whopping nine years ago, it’s no wonder why most Trainers always forget it exists.

It even had a movie in 2016, but that hasn’t seemed to help its case. Despite being a Legendary ‘Mon, Volcanion has just failed to make an impact on fans, which is truly a shame. Compared to other Legendary Pokemon, it doesn’t seem to have the same sort of impressive abilities or deep game lore, which is disappointing. The ‘Mon deserved so much more, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it is going to get that anytime soon.

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