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All the New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon So Far

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All the New Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon So Far

There are surely plenty more on the way.

The first of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s three new starters, Rowlet is a grass/flying type that can twist its neck nearly 180 degrees to see behind itself, as well as to receive instructions from its trainer. Rowlet’s ability is Overgrow.

Litten is this latest fire-type starter, and is a Fire Cat Pokemon. Its fur is filled with highly flammable oils, which makes for excellent fireball/furball fuel. Litten’s ability is Blaze.

The latest water-type starter is the Sea Lion Pokemon, Popplio. This acrobatic creature can swim upwards of 25 mph in water, and snort out highly elastic water balloons. Popplio’s ability is Torrent.

Komala is a normal-type Pokemon who is always sleeping. It performs many actions while asleep, including eating, travelling, and even battling. Komala is the first Pokemon to ever have the ability Comatose, which keeps it in a constant drowsy state to prevent any other negative status effects to take hold.

Rockruffs are known for their incredible sense of smell and their tenacity in battle. Even after taking a lot of damage it will persist until its opponent has fallen. Rockruff is a rock type, and its abilities are Keen Eye and Vital Spirit.

Yungoos is a normal-type Pokemon that isn’t native to the Alola region, but was instead brought in to help control the overwhelming population of other types of Pokemon. Its abilities are Strong Jaw and the brand new Stakeout, which lets it deal double damage to any Pokemon that enters a fight mid-battle.

The Woodpecker Pokemon Pikipek is a normal/flying type that can use its beak to strike a foe 16 times in one second. It can have the abilities Keen Eye and Skill Link.

Grubbin is a bug-type who loves electricity, and as such can commonly be found new power plants. Grubbin’s ability is Swarm, and it evolves into Charjabug.

Charjabug is this string of Pokemon’s cocoon form, similar to Metapod or Kakuna. It is a bug/electric type that can store enough power to run a standard household for a full day. Its ability is the all-new Battery, which allows it to raise the power of allies’ special moves. Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt.

This bug/electric type Pokemon is the final evolution of Grubbin and Charjabug. Vikavolt sometimes clutches a Charjabug with its legs to use as a battery for extra boosts of power, but in aerial battles it will often drop the Charjabug for increased mobility and speed. Its ability is Levitate.

Drampa are usually gentle creatures, often appearing at parks and schools where children are, but if a kid that one cares for is hurt it can go into a rage and blow down buildings with its Dragon Breath. Drampa can have one of two abilities: Sap Sipper or the new Berserk, which raises it’s Special Attack by one point when its HP drops below half.

Bruxish is a water/psychic type Pokemon that uses the protuberance on its head as a radar to detect nearby predators and prey. It can have the abilities Strong Jaw or the new Dazzling, which stops opponents from using moves that would normally strike first, such as Quick Attack.

The bug/fairy Pokemon Cutiefly detects auras from all living things: people, plants, and other Pokemon. They are drawn to particularly strong auras, so you may find them around people who are especially happy or sad. They can have the abilities Honey Gather or Shield Dust.

Togedemaru is an electric/steel-type Pokemon that can gather and store electricity to unleash powerful attacks. It can also curl up in a ball and stick out its needles, becoming a prickly foe to contend with. Togedemaru can have the abilities Iron Barbs or Lightning Rod.

Salandit is a fire/poison-type Pokemon that emits a sweet-smelling toxic gas that will make those who smell it quite dizzy. Female Salandits also release pheromones that all kinds of males, both human and Pokemon alike. Salandit uses the brand new ability Corrosion, which allows it to inflict the poison status on Steel and Poison-type Pokemon, both of which are generally immune.

Bewear is a normal/fighting-type Pokemon whose arms and legs are extremely strong. Trainers must teach their Bewear to hug gently when showing affection, as a proper bear hug from one could split anything – including their trainer – in two. Bewear may have one of two abilities: Klutz of the all-new Fluffy ability, which halves the damage taken from attacks that make direct contact, but also doubles damage from fire-type attacks.

This intriguing new Pokemon is a ghost/fairy type that is incredibly lonely and only wishes to make friends with humans. It is because of Pikachu’s massive popularity that Mimikyu wears a cloth fashioned like it, so that someone may see it and make friends with it. Mimikyu may use the brand new ability Disguise, which lets it avoid being damaged by an enemy attack one time. After using Disguise its appearance changes.

Wimpod flee from sudden noises and movements, but are renowned for the way they clean seas and oceans by scavenging dropped food and garbage. This bug/water type can have the brand new ability Wimp Out, which causes it to immediately run away or swap out for another Pokemon in battle when its HP drops below half.

Bounsweet’s delicious aroma has a calming effect on humans, so it is often used in homes as a natural air freshener. This grass-type Pokemon may have one of two abilities: Leaf Guard or Oblivious.

The new fairy-type Pokemon Comfey enjoys picking and collecting flowers, giving them a soothing aroma that helps to treat humans and Pokemon at hospitals and Pokemon Centers respectively. Comfey may have one of two abilities: Flower Veil or the new Triage, which gives Comfey’s restorative moves the highest priority in battle.

Mudsdale is a ground-type Pokemon that makes us for its mediocre speed with powerful force and stamina. It can drag 10 tons for three days and nights without stopping. Mudsdale may have one of two abilities; Own Tempo or the new Stamina, which raises its defense by 1 point when hit.

Tapu Koko
Tapu Koko is an electric/fairy-type Pokemon, and the guardian deity of Melemele Island; one of the islands that makes up the Alola region. It has the new ability Electric Surge, which fills the field around the its feet with electricity when it appears, increasing the strength of electric-type moves for Pokemon on the ground and keeping any Pokemon from falling asleep. Tapu Koko can also learn the brand new skill Nature’s Madness, which slams into an opponent and cuts that Pokemon’s HP in half.

Solgaleo has been called “the beast that devours the sun,” which is ironic since it is a psychic/steel type, making it weak to fire-type attacks. Its main attack is called Sunsteel Strike, which ignores the opponent’s ability and hits with immense power. Solgaleo has the ability Full Metal Body, which prevents its stats from being lowered by enemy attacks or abilities. Solgaleo graces the cover of Pokemon Sun.

Lunala is a psychic/ghost-type Pokemon that is known as “the beast that calls the moon.” Similar to Solgaleo, Lunala’s main skill, Moonbeam Geist, disregard’s the opponent’s ability and attacks with a powerful beam of light. It comes with the new ability Shadow Shield, which makes it take less damage from an attack that lands when it has full HP. Lunala is the face of the Pokemon Moon box art.

Magearna is a mythical steel/fairy-type Pokemon that was created by a scientific genius 500 years ago, and it can transform itself to look like a Pokéball. It often does this when it sleeps or when it is sad. Magearna has the brand new ability Soul-Heart, which raises its Special Attack by 1 point every time a Pokemon in the battle faints. This special Pokemon can be obtained using Pokemon Sun and Moon’s new QR Scanner function by scanning in the appropriate QR code.

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