Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day


Highwind (Final Fantasy VII)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Final Fantasy VII, Highwind

Starting off our list, we have the iconic airship from Final Fantasy VII! This impressive piece of aerial technology was designed by Cid Highwind and is the player’s primary vehicle when traveling the overworld. This huge ship also acts as a hub where you can rest up and save without having to pay a single gil. Similarly, you can board the vehicle while riding a Chocobo, in which case, the bird will stay at the stables inside the Highwind. That way, you can bring your favorite pet with you wherever you go!

The Highwind has been the party’s saving grace over the course of the game, starting with Tifa’s epic escape after her slap off with Scarlet. Not to mention that this was also the group’s getaway vehicle during the explosion in the Northern Cave. Cid even calls on his airship during his ultimate limit break, Highwind, wherein the ship bombards explosives on the enemy. Sadly, not much is known about the ship after the main game since Cid replaced it for another vehicle, the Shera.

The Seaward (Uncharted 3)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Uncharted 3, the Seaward

This luxury cruise ship in Uncharted 3 has seen better days, seeing as how it was raided and captured by pirates. This vessel contains plenty of amenities, from the swimming pool on the deck down to its multi-story ballroom. At one point, Rameses’ pirates infiltrated the watercraft, presumably after an unpaid deal by the ship’s owner. Since then, the cruise liner had been in their hands and acted as their main headquarters, completely trashing it with cargo, metal sheets, and barbed wire.

During his search for Sully, Nathan Drake boarded the vessel and killed most of the pirates on the ship. He soon discovers that Rameses merely lured him there, however, so he decided to escape by sinking the ship. Using the cargo on board, he created an explosion that carved a large hole. That led to the flooding of the cruise liner, finally putting The Seaward to rest.

MV-261 Orca (Overwatch)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Overwatch, MV-261 Orca

The MV-261 Orca (what a mouthful) is the main spawn ship in Overwatch. Players usually board the vehicle during control maps, such as Lijiang Tower, Ilios, and Nepal. The ship itself is quite small, containing only a small conference table in front of the bridge. There are some oxygen tanks on both ends of the aircraft, along with a few seats, first aid kits, and parachutes.

Probably the best thing about the MV-261 Orca is the basketball sitting on the table. If you’ve got the skills, you can actually punch the ball to score a basket in the hoop across the room. Hitting the hoop will play a buzzer sound and drop some confetti, awarding you for your efforts. This little activity acts as a great way to burn some time before the match starts. Here’s a pro tip: you can switch to Symmetra and lift the ball with your primary fire to make it look easy.

S.S. Linebeck (The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, S.S. Linebeck

The Legend of Zelda series has used plenty of exploration gimmicks throughout the years, with sailing being one of them. In The Phantom Hourglass, Link teams up with the sailor, Linebeck, to rescue Tetra. The two of them take to the high seas and travel between islands using their cozy little vessel. The World of the Ocean King is a dangerous place, so the S. S. Linebeck is equipped with some nifty artillery that can avoid traps, take down monsters, and even salvage treasure. The ship also comes with its own health bar, and it’s game over if the boat gets destroyed.

While the S.S. Linebeck doesn’t boast much space, it’s completely customizable. Players can find different parts scattered throughout the world, from the ocean floor to dungeons, and use it to reinforce the boat. Mixing and matching parts aren’t just for aesthetics, though, as it can improve S.S. Linebeck’s health bar. It’s always worth taking some time out of your adventure to look for some parts, but you can still beat the game without doing so.

Samus Aran’s Gunships (Metroid Series)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Metroid, Samus Aran Gunship

Rounding out our list of best video game ships, we have Samus’ iconic gunships! While she’s flown plenty of vehicles throughout the series, they’ve all been under the same ‘Hunter-class’ gunship. Most of them share the same design and yellow/orange-esque color scheme, similar to Samus’ power suit. These gunships have a sophisticated computer built into the system that stores the bounty hunter’s current mission data. She mainly uses the vessels as a way to travel to her destination, but it also acts as a resting place where she can recharge her systems and load up on ammo. These spacecraft have always played a crucial part in Samus’ mission by delivering and collecting her from the many planets she visits.

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