The Best Games to Buy During the May the 4th Star Wars Sales

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May the 4th be with you! Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for deals on Star Wars games. Now that Star Wars has finally come back into the public eye thanks to The Last Jedi and the upcoming Han Solo movie, it’s as good a time as any to be a Star Wars fan, especially a fan of its licensed games. Here’s a quick rundown of the best games you can buy on SteamGOG, and Humble Bundle during the May 4th Sale. Don’t worry; the sale lasts all weekend.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Series


It’s not every day a franchise can jump between different game genres and manage to escape unscathed. But Star Wars Jedi Knight did. It started as the DOOM clone Dark Forces, featuring a mercenary who probably could out-gun Han Solo, and evolved into a a bunch of third-person action RPGs. And yes, the mercenary from the first game evolved with the franchise into a bad-ass Jedi. Each game is good on its own, but played together, they tell an epic tale. Just be careful of Star Wars Jedi Knight – Mysteries of the Sith. It’s not a bad game, it just has some compatibility issues.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Not to be confused with the 2017 Battlefront II, the classic 2005 Battlefront 2 is a very good game. It might look dated by modern standards, but it boasts an impressive selection of locations, classes, vehicles, and heroes, all without any loot boxes. Plus, Battlefront 2 features a single-player experience that lets players don the helmet and armor of a Stormtrooper without feeling insulted. This game is a must for all gamers who want a true Star Wars multiplayer experience.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic I and II

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

No matter how much developers try, they just can’t surpass the brilliance that is the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic franchise (the MMORPG The Old Republic notwithstanding). Many regard these games as the best RPGs ever and for good reason, as they feature memorable characters, excellent missions, and some of the best plot twists in video game history. The mechanics might feel a tad dated, but for gamers who want a blast from the past, back when gamers thought BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment could do no wrong, look no further than these polygonal gems.

Lego Star Wars

If you want to play a game to calm down, you can’t go wrong with a Lego game. They’re cute, easy, and full of enough collectibles to keep most gamers busy. While you have plenty of Lego games to choose from, the Lego Star Wars games are by far among the better options, as they mix classic scenes with decent humor that’s good for all ages. These games are perfect for gamers looking for something to play with their children.

Star Wars Republic Commando

The prequel trilogy left a bad taste in many a fan’s mouth, but it resulted in several good games, one of which is Star Wars Republic Commando. Instead of placing players in the shoes of a Jedi, the game gives them a taste of the gritty life of Clone Troopers as they shoot through Separatists and command a crack squad of elite soldiers. The game might look old, but its controls are as slick as ever. Just a heads up: you will need to download a fan patch to make sure the game’s textures don’t look like pixelated clown vomit on modern graphics cards.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer

One of the only good things to come from Episode I was the podracing, so of course someone was going to make a game out of that spectacle. Star Wars Episode I: Racer, as the name suggests, expands on the deadly sport and features more than enough tracks and characters for Star Wars fans to sink their teeth into. The game could easily have been lost forever, but GOG recently saved this gem from the annals of time.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I and II

Granted, The Force Unleashed I and II aren’t the best games out there, but they succeed in what they set out to do: make players feel like unstoppable Sith juggernauts. While the games’ stories are lackluster (if not laughable), and some gamers might balk at the length of the titles, the gameplay more than makes up The Force Unleashed I and II’s mistakes. If you’re looking to play a power fantasy with a Star Wars paint job, these games are for you.

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