Stardew Valley: How to Cook Recipes in Your Kitchen

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How to Cook Recipes in Your Kitchen in Stardew Valley

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In Stardew Valley, you can become a world class chef in your very own kitchen. However, you won’t have one to start with; you’ll need to upgrade your house. So head on over to the Carpenter’s Shop and ask Robin to do it for 10,000 coins and 450 wood. She’ll take three days and you’ll get a bumpin’ new pad with lots of more room. Also, a shiny new kitchen to cook all the recipes you’ll be amassing.

In order to cook recipes, you must first have them. These are often gotten from helping villagers around town, buying them at shops, or leveling up your skills. Once you have a recipe you want to make, it’s time to head over to the kitchen with the ingredients in your inventory.

Next is just a simple case of interacting with the kitchen and selecting the dish you’d like to make. Voila, you’re the next Ratatouille. Keep in mind, by the way, that certain recipes are good for the Chef’s Bundle at the Community Center.

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