Civilization V: How to Build a Spaceship

Researching the Technology in Civilization V


Civilization V has a variety of different ways for you to win the game; one of which is the science victory. In order to achieve this victory, you’re going to need to build a spaceship first. However, in order to start building, you’re going to have to get the technology right. When you’re choosing which tech to research from the tree, always keep in mind the following technologies you must have researched:

  • Rocketry – Will allow you to build the Apollo Program, which is needed for you to even begin building the spaceship parts to begin with.
  • Advanced Ballistics – Allows the building of SS Boosters.
  • Satellites – Allows the building of the SS Cockpit.
  • Particle Physics – Allows the building of the SS Engine.
  • Nanotechnology – Allows the building of the SS Stasis Chamber.

Be sure to get your Apollo Program built once you’ve researched Rocketry because, again, this is absolutely necessary to continue on.

Building the Spaceship in Civilization V


Once you have all of the technology necessary down, you’re able to build! Since the tech won’t all be researched all at once, you’ll need to start building as you go, of course. Now, while each part of the spaceship needs to go to the capital to be attached to the spaceship, you can use multiple cities to start building each part. This will speed up production, since it’s not that fast of a build. Here are all of the parts that make up a spaceship:

  • Three SS Boosters – Each require aluminum and 1,500 production points.
  • One SS Cockpit – Require aluminum and 1,500 production points.
  • One SS Engine – Require aluminum and 1,500 production points.
  • One SS Stasis Chamber – Require aluminum and 1,500 production points.

Get all of these built, over to your capital, and attached onto a ship in order to take to space for a science victory.

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