6 Important Attack on Titan Manga Moments That Should Have Been in the Anime
Image Source: Satoshi Shiki and Kodansha

6 Attack on Titan Manga Moments That Should Have Been in the Anime

The anime was never going to be able to use everything.

While the Attack on Titan anime does a good job of adapting the source material, in some cases, there was more nuance on the page than on the screen. On top of that, there is a larger world outside of the experiences of Eren Jaeger. The story has been further fleshed out through multiple light novel volumes and manga, most of which the anime has never acknowledged.

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As the light novels still offer important story context, it would only improve the anime, but in many cases, it’s far too late. We have gone through the main manga and the spin-offs to bring you a list of important moments in the world of Attack on Titan that should’ve had a place in the anime adaptation.

Who Invented the ODM Gear

Before the Fall Cover
Image Source: Thores Shibamoto and Vertical

The Before the Fall spin-off started 70 years before the story of Eren Jaeger and the breach of the wall by the Colossal Titan occurred. In this story, a man named Angel Aaltonen crafts defensive weaponry for the military but has never seen a Titan and has no idea what the enemy looks like outside of descriptions.

After Titan worshippers let one into the Shiganshina District, Angel knew it was his mission to create a way to kill one of the monsters considered immortal due to their regenerative abilities. This first prototype of the ODM Gear was called the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment.

Considering this one piece of gear’s importance to the whole series, it’s weird that the anime never mentions Angel Aaltonen.

The First Titan Killed Was Mostly by Accident

Before the Fall First Titan Killed
Image Source: Satoshi Shiki and Kodansha

Despite Angel’s desire to make a weapon for Titan-slaying, he first needed to gather information on their weaknesses. After the one from the Shiganshina District rampage had proven vulnerable to a sword made from the Iron Bamboo material, Angel rode out with the Survey Corps to capture a Titan.

As expected from a group of soldiers with no way to take down a Titan, the Survey Corps was decimated on this expedition. However, Angel’s best friend Solm (Solum in the manga) sacrificed himself for Angel to escape by setting off grenades at a Titan’s neck and killing it, giving the first hint at a weakness.

The Attack on Titan anime starts with the people in the walls already knowing how to take the Titans down, but a history lesson would’ve been a cool flashback.

A Titan Worshipping Cult Was Once a Thing

Before the Fall Titan Cult
Image Source: Satoshi Shiki and Kodansha

Presumably, those who lost loved ones from the Survey Corps to Titans were so traumatized that they turned to worship the Titans. This is somewhat understandable, as the Titans were a massive unknown. No one besides the Survey Corps had ever seen one, so the general populace created their own mental image of them.

Between the most every member being wiped out by the Titan that got into Shiganshina and most of the members being arrested later for other insane behavior, the cult died off rather quickly. Still, it’s weird to know that once happened, and there’s just no trace of it by the time Attack on Titan starts.

The civilization in the walls seemed so normal when the main story began, so it would’ve added to the story to show that it wasn’t always so mundane (except for the Survey Corps expeditions still being wiped out).

There Was a Boy Suspected of Being a Human Titan

Before the Fall Kuklo
Image Source: Satoshi Shiki and Kodansha

The second part of Before the Fall centers on a child named Kuklo, the “Titan’s Son.” He received this title after being found among the pile of corpses left by the Shiganshina Titan. While this child was not of Titan origin, people had no grasp on how Titans worked, so he was treated as their offspring.

The fact that no one was willing to consider his birth from his partially-digested mother independently of how he was found led to Kuklo being branded a freak and sold like one.

The story of Kuklo would’ve been a perfect fit for when Eren’s Titan form first manifested. It could have helped the Survey Corps’ case that Eren wasn’t a threat.

Dimo Reeves Wasn’t All Bad

Attack on Titan Levi and Reeves
Image Source: Hajime Isayama and Kodansha

Dimo Reeves was the businessman who had Eren and Historia captured and blocked off every Trost District gate to keep everyone inside. However, the manga portrays a different side of the man than the anime. In chapter 54, Reeves has a chat with Levi about his thoughts on Trost and its residents.

The reason behind the kidnapping of Historia and Eren was due to governmental pressure, and he was certain that resisting would cost him the lives of his men and the people living in Trost. In this exchange with Levi, he still seems a shrewd businessman but one with an actual purpose and love for his district.

Not only does this scene offer a demonized character new light, but it also shows that, while usually cold and unfeeling, Levi could be understanding.

Uncertainty in Levi Squad

Attack on Titan Jean
Image Source: Hajime Isayama and Kodansha

Before the battle with Kenny Ackerman in chapter 58, Levi Squad was shaken at the possibility of fighting other humans. Jean is the first to speak up angrily about Levi’s leadership to Connie and Sasha, saying he signed up to save humanity and not exist as a violent gang.

This undermines some members’ faith in Levi and erodes their trust in his orders. After the dust has cleared from the fight, Jean has a change of heart, considering Armin’s quick reaction to kill saved him. Jean recants his earlier anger and tells Levi, “I thought your methods were wrong, but I just wanted to think that. I was just afraid of having to hurt others.”

Jean acknowledged that his lack of resolve to do what was needed is what was endangering the group, and Levi’s orders kept them alive. While Levi is seen in the anime as the driving force and everyone falls in line, this scene of characters pushing back, even if only to admit he was right the whole time later, is important.

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